She always stood to the side
Watching with her big brown eyes as the world turned around.
She hardly said a word about anything
Her teachers and parents worried.
What was wrong with this little girl?
That was it, she wasn't little anymore
She was nearly grown
Even dressed in her baby cloths you could tell.
She cried into her pillow at night
After school she'd run right home and lock herself in her room
Her eyes blood shot and red rimmed.

One day her parents came home to hear nothing
No hum of the TV no music from the radio.
They searched the house high and low for the daughter they loved.
When they found her she was white as a sheet
Blood around her
A gun by her side.

The good little girl had gone and done it
Blasted her brains right out
How her parents grieved
To bad they were the only ones to miss her.