"Blood and Blade"
by MyuMyu

I can feel it
The fear, the agony
The tears and the pain
But most of all I can feel my blade.
The numbly cold metal
The sharp edge against my flesh
Red covers my skin, staining the small dagger
All the pain is gone.
The outside world is no more.
Tears violently shake my body
My blade quivers
All it takes is one swift cut
One more, like so many others already administered
Scars my road map to hell
One, I repeat, is all it takes.
All it takes to end the pain, agony, and misery.
All it takes to stop hurting
All it takes.. is guts.
The blood flows freely from my veins now.
Funny, I didn't even realize the blade was still cutting into my skin.
I raise the bloody steel -
It hovers above my wrist like a bloody angel of death.
There is a clatter as blade hits floor
All I see is black around me…
The darkness is everywhere, except...
Except the blood.....