I know you're out there somewhere
I trust you're not too hard to find
I hope I didn't overlook you cause
Someone said you're not my kind.

I'm sure that fate will not let us
Pass each other in the street
Smile and continue on our way
And never properly meet.

I am always looking for you
Each and every place I go
And when I finally find you
I hope my heart will let me know.

During the night I dreamt
An image of you came for me
If only I knew what you look like
But you mask your identity.

When I wake in the morning
I hope that this is the day
When loneliness abandons me
And we unite never to stray.

Once we are together -
And I'm sure that day will come
Once I know you're here to stay
Then my eternal search is done.

I know you're out there somewhere
I hope you're looking for me
You are my true love - my soul mate
The one with whom I'm meant to be.


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