Billy & Thelma

Billy & Thelma

            Billy the Button was a handsome button. He was navy blue with a beautiful gold backing. He lay on a fancy sweater, which was saved in the closet for special occasions only.

            Billy was a feisty button and that made him constantly fall off his sweater.

            "Oh no! Not again!" he yelled while rolling around at the bottom of the closet.

            Thelma the Thimble appeared quickly. This was almost a routine for her.

            "Want some help, again? Gee, you sure are lucky I'm always around to fix you up."

            At once, Billy began to get outraged.

            "I don't need you for anything, Thelma!" he screamed and rolled off.

            For days and days, Billy tried to get back on the sweater without Thelma's help. And for days and days Billy failed to get back on the beautiful sweater.

            And Thelma the Thimble, oh, poor Thelma the Thimble, was bored out of her mind. Billy was her only source of excitement every day.

            One night, a particularly disgruntled Billy was sulking in the closet floor, when he met up with Thelma.

            "Oh Thelma! I'm sorry! Please help me get back on my sweater!" Billy cried out in desperation.


            "Billy, we were both wrong, you shouldn't be glad to have me, we should be glad to have each other," Thelma said.

            And so from then on, every day Billy fell off his sweater and everyday Thelma sewed him back on.