"O Father"
Gabrielle Alan

O father how come you don't call
O father how come you don't care

O father don't you ever wonder
What's going on inside your daughter's head?

Don't you know that every birthday that you miss
Every Christmas you forget
Every time you just don't seem to care
Its like a thousand knives to her soul

She cries at night
Can you hear?

Why don't you care
Just tell me why

O father
Did you know it was you
That she always wanted to please

All those times she tried to get you to notice her
She just wanted you to be proud
Of your baby girl, but you never said a word

O father
When last she saw you
You were playing with your other kids

Her eyes filled with tears
That never fell

Don't you know how much it hurts her
That she can never remember you holding her high
Or showing her how to ride a bike

O father
There's a hole there, which you should've filled

But instead someone else did
She remembers Him holding her high
And Him teaching her how to skate
It was Him who was always there

O father that was your job
But you wouldn't there

He was

That man her mom married
The one that filled the spot of daddy

He knows what she likes
knows what she thinks
Something you will never know

Cuz she's got her life
And you've got yours