While slowing down time,

And erasing events on the mainland,

I partook in a confused,


And jumbled,


Here in my golden paradise.

A local man,

Black in the skin,

Black in the eyes,

White in the teeth,

Smile painted broadly on his face-

Stepped up to me,

An endearing look in his dark eyes.

Almost as if he were determined to

Make my day,

Make me laugh,

Make me smile like him.

The local man shouted,

"Bula!" at the top of his lungs-

A driving force behind the words.

I looked at him perplexed,

"What? Me no speak language!"

Flailing my arms about like,

A three year-old,

And yelling just as fluently…

Quite the spectacle really.

The local, dark man smiled,

And waved his arms about like me,

A rather large child,

Mimicking what he does not comprehend.

And he shouted "Bula!" once more,

An even wider grin on his face,

As he held out his hand

For a hearty handshake.

Suddenly, the realizations came,

And I understood the sparkle,

In the local man's eyes.

So I grabbed the man's arm,

And smiled as he did,

A wide grin to match.

I looked at his dark eyes,

And shouted "Bula!" back.

"Hello!" isn't as complicated as we think.