This is something about my feeling on conformity. I wrote it last night so bare with me, it may not be very good.

Excuse me?
Do I need to explain myself to you?
So what if I'm different,
I'd rather be a freak than look like that.

These colours don't match,
You make fun of my clothes
Does it ever occur to you
I do this so I don't look like that?

Your hair is different
Everyday sports a new style
You stare at my short straggly hair
But I'd rather have this than look like that.

Conformity is disgusting
Takes away individuality
The way I dress is the way I am
Why would anyone want to look like that?

You mock my religion
You spout the Bible to me
I don't even believe in satan,
But you believe I want to be like that

Don't put words in my mouth
I'm different from you but I'm not like the others
Those who you labled freaks and losers
I am me, I will never be like that.

Conformity is dangerous
It's the only danger you laugh at
but it turns you into the others
Takes away yourself, so you will always be like that.