~Burning the Bible~

Go to church like a
good little boy,
and I smile and nod
be the good Lord's toy
and I sell my soul to
someone either way.
Read my scriptures
and I say my prayers
but I swear to someone
that he's not even there
and I wonder
if you've noticed
that he

Oh say my prayers and
shred my faith. . .

Oh break my wings and
throw me away. . .

Put your soul in the
collection plate,
pray and you pray
and it started to late
and the lies they pile
rot after a while
and there's something wrong
with how they tell you to smile--
burning you
burning you

the bible.

Wear your cross and it'll
keep you safe
just as long as you don't
mock the faith
and you're good and right
and perfect like you just
can't be.
Now on your knees and
confess your sins
and you'll get in trouble
but you won't get in
and you've got
you've got
to admit it's

Oh take my heart and
drain me dry. . .

Oh weight my soul and
tell me to fly. . .

Oh nail your brain
to the crucifix
and they swear there's nothing
they can't fix
and the lies defile
poison after a while
and you fail to notice
that you bleed denial--
Burning you
burning you

the bible.

strange fixation
cold betrayal
silver pieces falling
the ground.
Eden barred,
the serpent laughing,
Eve and Adam's sins
still passing;
Caine and Abel's
yet weigh


down. . .

Preach it brother,
lead me astray. . .

they can do most anything
(miracles just $9.99),
so grab your wallet
and get your phone,
the offer is limited

Give me hope and
snatch it away. . .

Just tell me. . .
oh tell me one more
time. . .

(Preach it)

Tear your heart out
on the altar now,
and that might be right
but they don't know how
and the lies are vile
but you hold them and smile
and you think it's
holy when the whole damned while

it's burned you
burned you

burning the. . .

(light the crucifix on fire,
break the glass and
kill the choir)

Burning you,
burned you

Burning the bible.

~(c) 9/2001 The Mad Poet (A. K. LaBelle)