~~You Live Alone~~

The shutters drawn,
and the door locked tight
and you huddle down
and it's all alright
and you never try,
no you never cry,
no you never chanced it
so you'd never die.
Yes you sit and you hear it
you laugh it
you jeer it
you say they're all crazy
but you never quite realize. . .
you never quite realize. . .

You never live
that's why it never ends,
you never give
you never die.
You never dance
you never walk the wire,
you have no meaning
and you have no fire--
you live alone. . .
but you don't live,

You read the news,
you watch the t.v. late night
and you think they're crazy
and you clutch you flashlight
and that's how it goes,
that's why no one knows,
that's why you're oh so safe
because your face never shows.
Yes you stare and you see it,
you mock it,
you tease it
you call them all idiots,
but never quite realize. . .
never quite realize. . .

You're not alive
that's why you live forever,
you've got no drive
you've got no soul.
You've never risked
you've never walked the wire,
you've given up meaning
and you've doused your fire--
you live alone. . .
but you don't live,
you don't live. . .


~(c)7/2001 A.K. LaBelle (The Mad Poet)