the magick in me

when no one around you sees,
the magick in the flowers,
in the trees,
its hard,
to know that youre the only one
who truly sees the moon, and sun,
the goddess and god,
the dark and light,
and who truly finds delight,
in nature's gifts and earth's fun.

when everyone tells you to burn in hell,
who can, you trust, who can you tell,
no one,
believes in the gifts they hold
you must be brave, you must be bold
to take the stares,
and the chilling cold,
that they give you,
when they find out your not just like they,
you don't worship jesus,
you dont pray,
at church every sunday.

they call me a witch,
as if that was bad.
and what am i supposed to do,
when my religion makes them mad.

i'll never change,
my life,
your words do hurt,
but not like a knife.
i found friends,
whos beliefs are same, as mine,
and when we're together,
we all shine.

i love the magick,
that lies inside.
the reincarnation,
of wiccans who died,
will always live on.

let love show through