Dare I venture outside?
Into the striking winds of white,
And the howling marks in the snow.
To betray my warmth and relaxation,
To embrace the ancestors,
What would they think of me if I left?
What would others think if I came?
The mountains were resurrected to glorify the gods,
Or maybe they were just a test for us to fathom.
Are we ever to climb them?
And if we do, what awaits us at the top?
I dream of the gates of eternity,
Striking open to let the mortals pass beyond their breaks and bindings.
Perhaps we realize that it's all an illusion,
As we fall into the abyss.
There we question as to why this happened,
Why the gods had plagued and played with our minds and dreams.
Why no matter how far we reach or how high we fly,
The bolt of judgement always strikes us down,
The horrible reminder of mortality.
When have you know joy, or love!?
Perhaps we are simply fallen gods,
Attaining here what they could never touch.
The souls they had hoped to crush,
And etch themselves into the long running paradox that we as one have fathomed, struck, and PRAY TO OURSELVES FOR THE JUSTIFICATIONS OF OUR STRIFE!

Dare I venture outside?