The Two Edges Sword, By Zefiel

the two edges sword
this sword exists since mankind was bornt
it helped mankind to grow and evolve
it could be used with large groups of people
or between two people
but it couldn't be used against persons
however, the sword was very easy to use
two people had to grab it....and keep it between them
that was enough for it
the persons felt happy and content of being holding the sword with the other
this sword was availabe for everyone,
everyone wanted to have more than other persons to hold the sword twith them
but some people started getting sad because no one holded the sword with them
so,since they needed another people so badly, they started faking attitudes
until they got to share their sword with someone
they were happy.. but they wanted that person to do not share the sword with anyone else
and this started forcing the sword
they noticed that they had to share persons
but they didn't want this
so, they used the sword to hurt any others who tried to share the sword with their person
the sword has been very damaged since then, and now it can't be shared by the whole mankind
just for small groups of persons who take care of it.
the name of this sword is: friendship.
and the only way to protect yourself from it being misused. was closing your heart.