I think of all
the pain I feel
that's eating at my soul
I think it's all
wearing on it's takes it toll
And yet I read
of others' cruel
despair and broken ties
I try to readjust my vision and I realize

My pain is a ripple in an ocean
A raindrop in a hurricane
A snowflake in an Artic blizzard
A blade of grass in a sky swept plain

A hundred people
feel the pain
I scrawl across this page
A thousand more
have suffered worse
and lived beyond this stage
We scream and think
that no one hears us
echoing in space
The truth is that
a million of us scream
in the same place
We say we are
alone and lost,
but in reality
We all are in
the same place
but it's just too dark to see
There's little light,
it's cold and wet,
but just stretch out your hand
And you'll feel someone grasp it with a heart who'll understand.

For we're all ripples in this ocean
And raindrops in this hurricane
Together we make this icy blizzard
And this sky swept endless plain.