This is not my usual style of poetry, so please don't base your overall opinion of me on this piece alone! This poem is just a rant (or what I like to call a structured rant) prompted by the fact that my last birthday didn't go as I had hoped.

Are birthdays overrated?

I'm inclined to think it so.

Getting older - that fantastic!

Congratulations, by the way.

Does anyone ever get what they really want?

Give money - that's always safe.

All I get is money - very personal, isn't it?

Do my friends know me at all?

Perhaps I'll call if off next year -

No, I'll say to them, just skip it.

If I don't want one - why should I have one?

It's my birthday, after all.

Some people deserve it, like those who make it to 100.

That's really an amazing feat -

Especially since those turning 100 now

Have lived through two world wars and a great depression.

They are times of sadness if you're gone -

Your family suffers each year,

On your old "special day".

Congratulations, by the way.

I was born some years ago -

Let's all stand up and cheer!

Shouldn't we celebrate my parents? -

I had no role in my being here.

What are we really saying

On each person's annual day?

Yay! You didn't die this year -

See if you can not do it again.


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