What is love?

Is it an object? An objective?
Is it a reason? An excuse?
Is it a hunger? A food?
Is it a state of mind? A state of heart?
Is it a covenant? A liability?
Is it a journey? A quest for the key?

Is it a mountain to be conquered?
Is it a sea to be crossed?
Is it an undiscovered world?
Is it a light that destroys the darkness?
Is it a time and a place?
Is it one moment or a lifetime of moments?

Is it wisdom or understanding?
Is it a longing or an achievement?
Is it a prize or a punishment?
Is it a nuisance or a comfort?
Is it in one's dreams or one's destiny?
Is it the end or the beginning?

Is it a knowledge that loneliness can't find you?
Is it a smile or a laugh in the sunshine?
Is it a tear or a whisper into the night?
Or is it a feeling that fills an emptiness within everyone?
And if so, what was there before it?
And what replaces it when it's gone?


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