what does the world think of me

what does the world see,
upon taking a good look at me?
it seems that everyone feels free,
to assume im someone i dont want to be

am i pretty?
am i wild?
could i be considered
a peaceful child?
am i ugly?
am i smart?
am i sweet?
or am i tart?
am i strong?
am i weak?
will i ever find
what i seek?

who are you to judge me,
when whats inside, you cant see?

do you like me?
should i care?
do you look awy?
or do you stare?

are my actions offending you?
did you even like me,
when my hair was blue?

am i different?
are you all the same?
...a wasted mind...
...what a shame...

am i happy?
am i sad?
do my mood swings,
make you mad?

what do i do,
when nobodys here?
is it lonelyness i fear?
do you listen to what i say?
or would you rather walk away?

am i inspired?
am i inspiring?
what kind of thoughts,
do my words bring?
whos to say that i am wrong?
maybe i was right, all along.

am i optimistic?
am i depressed?
whos to say
im not the best?

will you remember what i said to you?
or do you not care, what i do?
am i happy