The Miserable

Of the miserable-
Such a horrid thing to be;
Learning to make a living
From the unforgiving streets . . .
A les miserables-
Only darkness sees
The remnants of your existence
As it watches over thee
For everything is nothing,
And nothing quite the same,
When you're living in a world
Where people forget your name
To them, you're only nothing,
Unworthy of their gaze
They do not understand
The toil of your days
Of the miserable-
We are all one and the same,
Though "higher" people snub you,
Thinking of their "fame" . . .
A les miserables,
Darkness is your friend
When you're in a world
Where the torment never ends
Tortured, tormented, hated-
When these describe you,
Then you understand that
Your misery is true
The tears no longer come,
For you have seen it all;
When a dry eye is your friend,
Your misery is whole
Of the miserable,
Where kindred we all are,
The darkness will envelop
The brightest glowing star
A les miserables,
We are all one
As wait for the setting
Of the quietly dying sun
Je suis le miserables . . .