Prince Charming

all i can do is sit and watch

just watch as her tears run down

her face as she puts her arms around me

why cant i find my prince charming they

always use me and throw me away like a piece

of trash all i want is to be loved she cries

i wish i knew what to say

if only there was something i could say

i say nothing i just let her

cry on my shoulder and hope

that my love is enough for her

she will never look at me like

she did him but i love her

anyway forever and ever the end

ever since she first said Darien

we have been inseparable two

of a kind best of friends

but now i cant reach you

and you berate me for saying nothing

with harsh words and a slammed door

i want to cry i wish i knew how to cry

but im just a stuffed bear and

my name is Darien

and im mute with feelings i cant express

and stuffings