My So-Called Life

i walk through school in a daze,
my eyes have lost their firey gaze.
if i act wild, would you mind?
im not the type of girl you could bind.
i try too hard, yet not enough.
how did life get so rough?
i think that im dead inside.
but i couldnt think, if i tried.
a thousand questions enter my head.
i just say, "fuck it", and go to bed.

would i feel better if i had a knife,
so i could end this so-called life?

no...i dont know

i dont know where im going, cant remember where ive been.
dont know if im at the start, or closer to the end.
but emotions, are the difference, between life and death.
and what would happen after, i took that one last breath?
it doesnt really matter, when life is but a blur.
so why even bother thinking "what if i could be like her"
so i just keep on going, even when my so-called life has lost its flare.
and i wont even stop to think...because i dont really care.


authors note: i dont own the show "my so called life" because if i did
it would still be on mtv every night at 7...and id be dating jared leto.
please dont sue will get nothing...i dont even own myself...