I used to stare at the stars,
Every night before I wept,
I used to stare at the moon,
I used to hear the whispers of the stars.....

I hear them no more,
I no longer spend my afternoons,
Playing in the Church yard,
In the fall.

Watching the leaves cascade,
A river of molten gold,
Catching against the sun's rays,
I no longer run through forests.

Running along the brambles,
Rising from the forest floor,
Admiring the variations of emerald,
During the rich summer-time.

I no longer sit in the grass,
And draw the blooming flowers,
The Roses,
The Iris.

Watching the sun corospond with the moon,
During the daylight hours,
Of the spring time,
I no longer do.

Because of the fear that sparks in my heart,
My fear of my freedom and indepence,
Being taken away from me,
I can no longer live the way I used to.

My freedom will no longer be repressed,
I will raise my head up high,
And shout to all around,
God Bless America!