Title: The Leprechaun's Mirrors

Authors: Shikari and Jessa

Summary: Two friends expose themselves to the realm of fantasy when they discover the secret of the mirrors.

Author's Note: Each chapter is written in turn. My viewpoint begins the story then Jessa tells her point of view in the next part, continuing the tale. This is a continuing story which started as a joke, enticed by a little too much orange juice (trust me, you don't want to know). We thought it made a kind of interesting story line and thought we would see how far it goes. We would love any comments and suggestions you may have.

I am Noelle. Classic American college girl, skipping school every once in a while, going to movies, parties, out with friends, all that fun stuff. Wow, kinda like high school.

From just looking at me, I am pretty much normal. I stand about 5'6", have brown spiraled hair, dress decent (at least I think so). I just want to have fun and meet guys.

Of course every girl has her 'best' friend who goes and does all that with her. A person, before that last guy comes along and sweeps you off your feet, that you can talk to about everything, especially when you think you have met that guy and she tells you otherwise.

Unfortunately my best friend, Jessa, lives really far away. She lives in England actually.

She didn't always live there, she used to live near me for, oh, I'd say around eight years. She is about three years younger than me, but that doesn't matter. We've basically grown up together and we've been through a lot.

However, that is another story. The story I am interested in telling is how we still manage to see each other quite often and continue to talk all the time. And, no, we are not millionaires who are adding frequent flyer miles to our account or waist hundreds of dollars from all the phone calls from every time we've had a personal crisis. I am talking about the ultimate communication device. I don't know who created it, but they were an absolute genius.

By looking at it, you would never guess what it can do. It is body length with an Irish-type design on the frame.

It...is a mirror. Not just any mirror, it's..well...special.

I found it, well, them actually. I had gone to a yard sale in an older part of the neighborhood. I saw them resting against a card table.

They came as a set and were in very good shape besides that they needed to be dusted and polished a bit. They were both identical except for the coloring. One was made of a cherry wood and the other of amber. I absolutely loved them and I thought if I fixed it up, I could send one to my friend for her birthday.

After cleaning them up, I eventually chose the cherry, which happened to look really good in my room, and wrapped the other and sent it to Jessa. She received it a few weeks later and told me that she absolutely loved it too.

It seemed pretty normal at first, just a plain old mirror that happened to make me look a little better than a few of my other ones, or that could have been my imagination.

So one day I was sitting in my leopard-print beanbag chair opposite it, when I saw something move from above the top of my book I had been reading. The mirror wasn't reflecting my room like it normally did. I got up and walked closer. It was another room. I couldn't tell whose though, at least until I saw my friend walking past.

"Jessa?" I called out, wondering what was going on.