I looked back to where I had fallen through and saw Jessa's room briefly before the glass rippled. A moment later, my face reflected back at me.

Well, that was the start of our adventures.

It took us a while to figure out how to control the portal, but we soon learned that it would 'turn on' when we were in the same room with it, at around the same time each day. Of course we didn't use it EVERY day, but you get the idea.

It was great. Until THEY found out about it.

I'm sure you are wondering who 'they' are. Well 'they' are the creatures who always seem to be around. Very mischievous creatures.

All those times your keys tend to go missing; every time you SWORE you had one last cookie in the cookie jar; every sock to ever disappear from your drier; THEY did it. Little creatures of tales all around the world. Flying, darting around, with little translucent wings; never seen but always aware of, they live for small acts of humor done on humans. Known by many different names, fairies, pixies, sprites...

They had seen our discovery. In fact, they had caused it, more-or-less.

For centuries, the fairies have shared their hidden lives in the company of another race of mystic creatures, the leprechauns. The leprechauns didn't quite have the sense of humor that the small fairies did, although they did pride themselves in similar acts of mischief to humans. Humans, however, were not the only ones to whom the fairies pulled their pranks.

The mirrors were a magical device created with pride by the leprechauns in their homeland. With bits of their magic and luck intertwined, the pieces were priceless to mortals and the joy of the Irishmen.

The fairies saw how much it meant to them and felt it would be amusing to have it conveniently 'disappear.' Using their magicks and amazing skills, it didn't take long to steal the mirrors and take them over the great waters to a land few leprechauns dared to enter, America.

For centuries, the mirrors passed from human owner, to owner. It's powers remained hidden for as long as they remained under the care of a single person. The leprechauns never ended their search, although they were wary about the land which held their possession. But the fairies kept them well hidden, and always on the move.

Gradually, the Leprechauns seemed to slow their search, and the fairies almost thought they had given up. So, through the years, they lost track of the two objects. They were lost to both the leprechauns and the fairies.

As you already have guessed, they managed to stay together until I purchased them out of simple, Irish luck. With the activation of the magic, it was only time before they were rediscovered by the two mystical creatures, but who would find them first?

What would the other do to regain their possession?

And if they did, how would I get back to England for less then a few hundred dollars?