The Tears Of The Night

I cry my silent tears , in no ones arms I cry my tears , in silent plight , I do not know what is wrong , I do not know my own mind , I do not see the elinment of the stars , I do not see your bright blue eyes .

I cry in the night , for the night is the only thing that takes heed , I cry for the pain of my loss , I cry for a life that had once been , I cry for my dearest , I cry up at the stars , I cry into the pillow on the bed .

Is this what you wanted , me to be in drenching tears , will I never hear your cunning remarks again , Will I never sleep peacefully in the night hours again , Will I see your pale skin and hair , when I look up at the moon , What will I see there , Will I see your face or the jumping rabbit in this case .

I cry for mother Ceres , I cry for you , I cry for the night , I even cry for noon , But what will happen if noon does not come , What would happen if the stars did not rise with the moon , what would happen if the sky did not rise with sun .

I wish you were here , I have to hear your answers , I have to wish a wish , I wish you were here , My love , So I would not have to cry the tears of the night .