I was inspired to write this after I sat in on a creative writing class. I don't normally write poetry, so please be nice when you review!

If You Have Never...

If you have never sat on the beach and watched the sun go down
And wondered in the beauty of the colors racing across the sky
And the calming sound of the sea rushing over the sand...

If you haven never walked through a garden and ignored the roses
But sniffed the daisies or lilacs instead,
And let the fragrance take you into another world...

If you have never lain awake at night and made up your own world,
Full of bright and beautiful flowers, elegant silver unicorns, and handsome princes
Where there is never pain or violence and everything is perfect...

If you have never sat in front of the fire with steaming hot chocolate and marshmallows
On a cold winter night and were just thankful for all the things you had
And felt safe, secure, and warm...

If you have never watched a storm from the safety of your house
And listened to the wind howl and the rain pour like buckets from Heaven
Or believed the thunder and lighting were the angels bowling...

If you have never camped under the vast expanse of sky
And tried to count every star or pick out every constellation,
Or made a wish on a shooting star...

If you have never woken up on Christmas morning so excited
That you slowly opened you gifts because you remember
What you are really celebrating...

If you have never read a book in one sitting,
Or talked with a friend until dawn,
Or sat outside in the sun just because...

Then, my friend, you need to live a little
Let go of all inhibitions.
Because you'll never truly live if you don't open your eyes to the beauty of the world.

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