I stand with my arms outstretched
Like the night I viewed the stars
Yet now in a completely different scenerio
I'm standing on top of a building
Fifty floors up
Gazing at the scene below
Not quiet and serene
Like the night with the stars
Almost a complete opposite
The scene below is that of any busy city
Cars, buses, people
All rushing past
Too busy to notice one lost soul
Standing with arms outstretched
On top of a building
Well they'll find me soon enough
Bloodied and broken
Lying on cold cement ground
After my flight
I consider for a moment
Calling it all off
Going back "home"
To the life I live for others
And not for me
Dependent on their viewpoints
But what's the good of that?
I'd still be miserable
Watch me now
As I take a step
Arms still outstretched
All my inhibitions gone
And I