Dead But Never Forgotten

In the middle of the town surrounded by a fence and trees stood the now empty Brian Miller High school. It was named after a student who had been killed, shot down by a crazed gun man with a grudge against kids. Through the wild tangle of grass and weeds the empty running track could still be seen, the red of the sand now a dull brown colour and the painted on lines long since washed away after many hours of cold winter rain.
The front gate swung wildly on one hinge and the names of former students had been graffited on a low wall as a memorial of how it had once been.

*flashback ten years*

"C'mon Brian, we'll be late for Chemistry!" A young girl with bobbed blonde hair reached out a hand for her boyfriend Brian Miller to take. Grinning Brian took her hand and together they ran through the crowded halls, both heading in the same direction, their last Chemistry lesson. It was their last day of being year 10 and they were only hours away from freedom.

"So class, you see that when you add a flammable chemical and an oxidising chemical a fire will break out." Brian grinned and put his hand up, "Yes Mr Miller?"

"Er Sir, I think you must have spilled some of the chemicals!" The teacher raised an eyebrow in confusion, "What makes you say that?"

"because your tie is on fire!" Looking down the teacher cut his tie with a pair of scissors and threw it in the bin. "Thankyou Mr Miller, I think its nearly time to go." Quickly the students started to pack their bags and stood by the door.

"I can't believe his tie was on fire, what a goof!" Amanda Harris said, Brian smirked and put an arm around his girl friends shoulders, "I cant believe he didn't realise untill I told him" Shrugging Amanda said quietly, "you realise it makes you a hero?" Brian shook his head, "nah it was what anyone would have done."

*end flashback*

Standing at the gate a young woman in her mid twentys smiled and wiped a tear off her cheek, her long blonde hair was held back with silver clip and she pulled her coat around her tightly, although it wasn't cold just standing near the deserted school gave her shivers. "Hey Brian how are you?" She whispered, at the end of the wall was a small tomb stone, on it was written.

Here lies Brian Miller
His bravery saved lives

Although Brians body had been cremated the school had allowed his parents to bury the urn holding the ashes near Brians favourite hangout.

*Flashback ten years*

Brian stood with Amanda facing the school, "I can't believe this is our final year." Amanda nodded and Brian put his arm around her waist, "I'll miss you, we probably wont see each other at college as much,"

"Yeah but lets promise each other no matter what happens we are always there for each other." Brian nodded and they shook on it.
"C'mon babe lets get to school." Laughing they headed inside for their first day as year 11.

*end flashback*

Amanda knealt down besides the tombstone and placed her hand on the smooth surface. "Tom asked me to marry him, I said no, I just can't, not now, not ever. I miss you Brian I miss you so much it hurts" Sighing she leant against the wall next to the tomb stone, "Oh Brian, why can't he understand, I dont love him, I thought I could but I never will, I love you and I always will. Why did you have to die? it just wasn't fair, why? Why did you have to play hero? Why couldn't you have just stayed silent untill the police arrived?" The tomb stone was as silent as ever and sighing Amanda stood up and brushed herself off, "Why couldn't you have just kept quiet?"

*Flashback nine years*

Brian grinned and swung his girlfriend around, "its nearly Christmas babe, what do you want?" Amanda giggled and kissed him, "hey it wouldn't be a surprise if I told you, amd I love surprises." Sighing Brian climbed up onto the wall where he always sat with Amanda, "you had to make it difficult didn't you?" Amanda nodded, "dont I always?"

Along the road a man in his mid fourties sat with his hands over his ears, ever since his newborn son had died in childbirth he had not been able to stand the sound of kids laughing, when his wife had died a few days later from unknown reasons he had become a recluse having all of his food delivered to him and he never left the house. "Oh Brian surprise me!" Amanda's voice could be heard through the closed windows and gritting his teeth Mike felt like his head was going to break with the pressure he was putting on it to cover his ears. "Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up!" he muttered to himself, the noise didn't stop and Mike could feel himself cracking, "Brian come on we have to get to school. I love you to Brian" Amandas last sentence went through his skulll like a bullet and standing up Mike slammed his fist into the wall. Ignoring the blood that trickled down his hand he walked over to his cabinet and opening it pulled out the shot gun he had bought for protection. "two shots left, thats all I need!"

Amanda and Brian sat on the wall unaware of Mike coming out of his house heading towards them with deadly intent. "Brian come on we'll be late for lessons." Amanda said, she stood up and reached out a hand for Brian to take, "Brian come on hurry up!" Brian sat on the wall his face frozen in terror, "Brian whats wrong? Brian?" Suddenly he stood up and grabbed her hand pulling her towards the school entrance. "Brian stop it whats wrong?" Amanda screamed turning her head Amanda could see Mike standing at the school gate in his hands was a double barrel shot gun. As they ran through the exit Amanda could hear Mike running after them and they headed for the main office. "help Miss Lance please there's a man with a gun, please help us!" Startled Miss Lance looked up and glanced out of the window, Mike was a few feet away from it aiming in through the window. Diving on the floor Amanda could hear Miss Lance dialing 999, "Hello, police please help us there is a man with a gun, we're at Central High school, please come quickly." She screamed down the phone before hiding under her desk. "Brian, Amanda keep under the desk, don't move until the police get here." Miss Lance warned they nodded and Amanda felt Brian put his arm around her waist. Terrified she shut her eyes untill a loud bang made her scream, a hand grabbed her pulling her out from under the desk and Amanda came face to face with a double barrel shot gun. "Please I haven't done anything, leave me alone!" She screamed as she tried to pull out of his grip, "Amanda! please don't hurt her!" twisting Amanda could see Brian climbing out from beneath the table, his face was pale as if all his blood had dissapeared. Mike's face twisted into a sneer, "why should I?" Brian stopped unsure, he wasn't ready for this, "I... you... its wrong," Mike laughed, it sent shivers up Amandas spine, his laugh was devoid of any humour it was just a statement, he laughed for the sake of it. Amanda could see that Brian was biting his lip, a sign he was scared, in all her life Amanda had only ever seen him bite his lip twice, when she was opening a birthday gift he had chosen for her and now, the sight of a drop of blood slowly trickling down his face made her realise how deadly the situation was.

Mike watched Brian standing by the desk, his pale face was streaked with tears, tears for his girlfriend, Mike couldn't remember anybody ever crying for him. It made him angry, turning to face Amanda he pushed her away and brought the shot gun level with her face, "I'm tired of talking, say good night!" Amandas eyes were wide with fear as he pulled the trigger on the gun.

*end flashback*

Tears streaked down Amandas face, every time she visited Brians grave she would remember, remember the hate in Mikes face, remember the blood trickling down from Brians lip and remember how it had all ended.

*flashback nine years*

Time seemed to stop as Mike pulled the trigger of the double barrel shot gun, it was enougth time for Brian to pull her out of the way, the gun went off, aimed straight at Brians chest. Amanda watched through a blur of tears as Brian stood swaying for what seemed like an eternity, finally he looked down at the slowly spreading patch of blood and collapsed. Kicking Mike hard on the shin Amanda rushed to Brians side and grabbed his hand, "Brian, wake up, Brian please, dont leave me, please Brian, Brian, no dont go!" With a groan of pain Brian slowly opened his eyes, "I'm never going to leave you, just please survive for me babe!" Amanda nodded as Brians hand went limp, and his heartbeat stopped, turning she saw Mike standing, watching, a look of horror on his face. "What have I done?" he whispered before turning the gun on himself, Amanda watched as he started to pull the trigger jumping up she knocked the barrel of the gun so that the bullet hit the ceiling. "You are not getting out of this so easily, I want you to look at Brian!" Mike stood staring at the ceiling, "Look at him now!" Slowly Mike turned his head so he was looking at the lifeless form of Brian, "I want you to get a real close look at him so you will remember his face for the rest of your life, and I want you to remember that you took his life away." Mike could feel tears fall down his face as he stared at Brian, a pool of blood surrounded his body, his face was peaceful no trace of hate or fear on it. "The lord will never forgive me, and I dont deserve it," Amanda stared at him hate twisting her young face making her look older, as she continued to stare at him Mike felt someone grab his shoulders and his arms were twisted roughly behind his back forcing him to drop the gun, handcuffs were slipped over his wrists and he was led away. As he walked away he turned his head and saw Amanda sitting with Brian his hand grasped tightly in her own, tears fell down her face. "I'm sorry" he whispered only the arresting officer heard them and for the rest of her life she would never forget what he said next, "May the lord have mercy on me for I have sinned."

*end flashback*

As she stood and looked at the silent school Amanda remembered the last thing Brian had said to her, "I'm never going to leave you, just please survive for me babe!" Smiling Amanda turned to face the tombstone, "I will love, I will."

*Flashback nine years*

Amanda stood and faced the school, the students looked at her silently, and for once there was not a smile on any of the faces, although it was weeks since the tradgedy many still remembered it like it was yesterday. "Students, Parents and Faculty members, a few weeks ago a student was killed, murdered by a mad man with a grudge against students and their laughter, he managed to destroy Brian Millers laughter, please don't let him destroy his memory. I have here a petition, a petition to rename this school in which Brian miller attended for four and a half years, a school which Brian loved dearly and participated in many sports, I am requesting that we rename the school Brian Miller High School, as a reminder of the boy, of the student and of the friend." Tears fell down Amandas face as she faced the students, suddenly a sound made her look up, one by one each person in the hall started to clap, as the clapping grew louder Amanda felt a presence by her side, turning she saw a faded spirit, Brian leaned and kissed her on the cheek, "Thanks babe." Walking off the stage Amanda put the petition on a table, at the top was hers, her parents and Brians parents signatures, one by one every student, parent and faculty member signed the petition.

*end flashback*

The sign over the school gleamed proudly in the sunlight, the gold letters over the black background could be seen from far away, reminding everyone of the student who had died to save the life of his girlfriend.

*Flashback eight years*

Amanda watched proudly as the sign was lowered into place, an eternal reminder of the boy who she loved, the petition couldn't have failed, every person in the crowded hall had signed it the mayor had attended the meeting, Amanda had almost cried when he had said yes, she hadn't though, she had cheered along with everyone else in the room. Turning Amanda came face to face with a reporter holding a microphone, the light on the camera meant that the interview was live. "Amanda, how do you feel, knowing that your brave boyfriend will always be remembered?" Smiling Amanda faced the camera, "I'm proud, I always have been, I wont ever forget Brian, and now thanks to the school being renamed, nobody ever will." Hugging her the reporter turned to face the camera, "There you have it, the words of a remarkable young lady who battled to have the memory of her boyfriend remembered, and I am sure that now nobody will ever forget him."

*end flashback*

Turning Amanda headed down the small path that lead away from the school, away from her past and away from her first and only love.

The End