Twas the eve of The Kings castration all the vicounts, recounts, & discounts & some poor bastards that couldnt count were all sitting in the back row.
In walked The King wearing his diamond studded jock strap.
"Shit!" said The King.
"Bastard!" said Daniel
"Throw that cocksucker to the lions!" said The King.
They threw Daniel to the lions but he grabbed the lions by there tails & flung them inside out.
Shit flew at Random.
Random ducked. Hit hit The Princess.
"Fuck!" Said The Princess.
The Duke being quick-acted grabbed her by the flabby folds of her ass & flung her over his prick.
"Wheres the queen!?" Hollard The King.
"In bed with Lombagos." Said The Jester.
"Get that cocksucker out of there!" Said The King.
The King walked into The Queens bedroom she was lying on her stomach.
"Roll over!" Said The King.
"Be Fucked if I do!" Said The Queen.
"Be court hauled if you dont! Said The King. "Shit!" Said The King.
Since The Kings word was Law 55,000 pairs of iron clad pants hit the dirt.

I told you not to read it unless you had a good sence of humor & swearing didnt bother you now didnt I? So if you dont & your going to review remember what I said.