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Children of Earth
Cycle Two
-The Children-

Memory Data #2.01 - Reflection on Death

The thoughts of death I had floating in my head frightened me. Even though I had seen hundreds
of people die of disease and of war, the thought of myself dying made me ill and angry. I was
only seventeen when I felt my soul start to leave my body on the Waste.

In my death I saw all the people I had once knew. I saw visions of my mother teaching the
children of my home village. Visions of my father reading me to sleep, childhood friends that
were long gone. Visions of Ben talking to his dead men, of Ben holding me close, telling me how
the world would be reborn someday, of Ben kissing my face, breathing on my skin. All these
visions were clearer than dreams and I thought I was reliving my life again in my death.
I knew I would never see Jaspa again, or any of the other people I knew there. I knew that I
would never fulfill the promises I had made to Ben as he lay dying before me. I knew that I
would never see the ocean...

Perhaps these thoughts are what made me fight for my life...


This is a short Prologue to Cycle Two of the Children of Earth. The quality of this work is lacking
compared to my other titles. I wrote this story a million years ago. So, compared to my other
work, this work is considered less than digestible... But please read and review, i would really
appreciate any feedback.