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Children of Earth
Cycle Two
-The Children-

Memory Data #2.12 - Retrieval.

The Waste was as inhospitable as ever as Sasha made her way along the edge. The memories of her
journey across the Waste were still fresh in her mind, as was the memory of Ben Hardy. The
promise she gave had been met, and Ben's ghost could sleep in her soul.

'Name your first child after me... So I can live forever with you...' Hardy's words were still fresh
in her mind after three and a half years of his absence. Sasha shook the memory off,
concentrating on reaching Slake before sunset.

She had an idea where Scroll stayed, but finding the certain place would take time. He
supposedly lived in a small cave at the top of the canyon, far down stream on the edge of the

As the sun began to set she saw two figures standing on a dune, far beyond. Sasha began to
approach the figures rapidly, almost running through the sand she could see Slake and Scroll's
backs to her.

Slake turned as Sasha began climbing the dune. "Sasha! What are you doing here?" he asked out
of pure surprise.

Sasha breathlessly answered. "I came after you..."

"Why? Is there something wrong? Is it Ben?" Slake asked, grabbing Sasha's arms. Scroll also
had turned and listened.

"No... I came to talk to you..."

"You came all this way, just to talk to me?"

Sasha pulled away from Slake and took a bladder of water to drink. When she had finished, she

"We need to talk."

Slake glanced over at Scroll who took the cue and descended the dune.

"What about?"

Sasha dropped her load and watched as Scroll disappeared over the canyon cliff. "About us, Slake."

Slake fell silent and looked away. Sasha moved to stand in front of him.

"Why are you shying away from me? Have I done something wrong?"

Slake said nothing and looked out across the dunes toward the darkness in the east.

"Answer me!"

Slake kept silent.

"For the past two months, you've said so little to me, it makes me feel like you don't love me
anymore... You've barely touched me..." she said, almost yelling into his ear. She paused then,
searching for any reaction. "You used to make love to me every night, Slake. Do you not think
I'm attractive?" she whispered, changing tones, her emotions taking over.

Slake turned to her, finding tears streaming down her cheeks.

"I love you more than you know, Sasha. Its just..." he said, also on the verge of tears.

"Just what?" she cried quietly.


Slake turned away again, looking out into the Waste. Sasha backed away, about to walk away.
But Slake caught her arm and held her tightly in his grasp.

"I can't think straight, Sasha, there are things that are going through my mind that I can't
explain... I just think sometimes that I will go out on a hunt and instead of killing game, I'd
turn the blade on myself..."

Sasha gaped, tears falling from her face and onto Slake's arm. "Why?" she cried.

Slake released her, and began to walk away, but she ran after him, blocking his path.

"Why, Slake, why do think that?" she asked, crying freely.

"I don't know... I don't know..." he whispered.

Sasha wanted to take him in her arms, but instead she watched him cry, falling to his knees.
She had never seen her lover and husband cry. The sight of his tears seemed to frighten her,
but she kneeled beside him, letting her tears subside.

"I love you, I love you, I have always loved you..." Slake cried.

Sasha touched his hair and wiped the tears from his face. She tried to calm him, but until she
took him into her arms did he quiet his crying.

"I would never leave you or Ben. I would never hurt you like that..." He muttered, his face
buried in her breasts.

"I know, my love, I know..."

Slake wrapped his arms about Sasha's waist, holding her like a child. He stopped crying, but
groaned instead. "I was so afraid that I would hurt you somehow, so I left... I thought that maybe
Scroll could help me..."

"And did he?" Sasha asked quietly.

"Yes... He did... But he said that I needed you. That you were the key... That you were the one to
confide in, that you would understand..." he mumbled, moving to look at Sasha.

Sasha felt tears welling up again, but did nothing to stop them. "I do, my love. All you had
to do was tell me... I am your wife, I love you and I would never betray you..." she cried, looking
into Slake's eyes.

Slake smiled, his lips trembling, close to crying again. He kissed her, holding her against him,
his tears falling into hers. He kissed her lips and her face, tasting her tears. He stood,
lifting her as well to her feet. All the time he kissed her, savoring her tears and her sweat,
the taste of her skin and the taste of her kisses.

"Oh god, I missed you so much..." she cried between kisses.

"I know, I know," Slake answered.

They held each other, afraid to let go, looking out into the Waste. They stood quietly,
listening as the wind whipped over the dunes and down into the canyon.

Then Sasha saw it.

"What is that?" she whispered.

"What?" Slake answered.

"That light..." she said pointing at the darkened eastern horizon.

They fell silent, watching. Indeed there was a light and it moved... Closer and closer, becoming
bigger as it approached.

"It couldn't be an Alliance craft... It's moving too fast..." Sasha whispered, holding tighter to

"The war's been over for four years..."

"Then what is it?"

They fell silent, as the twinkling light got bigger by the second.

"It's coming this way..." Slake said, about to break from Sasha, but she held to him.

"Slake!" she cried as a wind whipped sand into their faces. A deafening sound paralyzed them,
making them fall to the ground, huddling together.

Then there was nothing but silence and darkness...


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NOTE: This is the last chapter of this cycle.. to read on, look for Cycle Three: Deconstruction.