I don't think they know
By Ginger

I don't think they know
How I felt when the screaming began
They didn't seem to notice
The pain on my face
I don't think they realised
How much I wanted to cry.

The door downstairs slammed
An old ornament was smashed
And I cowered upstairs alone,
Jumping with each crash.

They yelled, "shut up!" at each other
And I wished they would both fall silent
But one retorted with an angry scream
And any hope of silence crumbles.

Later when it was quiet,
I ventured downstairs
The air was tense
And trapped me in its grasp
As I looked at my father
Who was holding my screaming and kicking mother down on the floor.

I don't think they realise
How torn I am between them

They don't seem to notice
The tears that are still in my eyes

I don't think they realise
That I remember that day all those years ago

I don't think they know.

I don't think I want them to know.