A/N: Thanx to Lowell Boston for her suggestions on improvements to this piece. Just what I wanted Lowell, constructive critism *S* Although re. the "*******" , my html writer doesn't read line breaks very well, and so, without the stars, this would read as one continuous piece, rather than four separate stanzas.

Thank you so much,





I awake, and the Sun rises to greet me,

From it's marshmallow and whipped cream bed.

The rose buds open up their sleepy eyes.

The daffodills stretch their stems,

And, yawn,

And his love sings

With the chorus of the dawn.


Around noon, I stroll in fields of Jade.

The sweet smell of apple blossom,

Pink confetti falls all around.

Bees buzz, in the lazy haze, clinging

To the crystal river.

The Sun winks, from on high

I wish he'd stay forever.


The Sun sets crimson, amber and gold,

And I make the tranquil journey home,

Wrapped up in the scarf that is his love.

Crisp leaves and chestnuts

Beneath my feet,

Remind me of our fall

So sweet.


Curled up cosy, by his blazing fire,

Whilst frost, plays patterns on the pane,

I long to sleep and dream his dreams.

And whilst Diana sits in her clear

As black ink sky,

Stars whisper in my ear

Their sweetest lyllaby.