There are many thoughts within my soul,
No one will ever know,
They are buried much to deep,
For me to ever let them go.
They eat at holes within my heart,
And burn into my skin,
The scars that they have left me,
Remind me of my sin.
But some of them are kept here,
Not for me, but someone else,
Who isn't fit to bear the pain,
Inflicted on myself.
I really thought you cared for me,
And loved me just the same,
Instead you just sit back and watch,
As i slowly go insane.
For years I've held your secret,
And it's tearing me apart,
From the inside to the outside,
And it's been there from the start.
Why can't i just forget it,
As i was not informed,
That knowing what was wrong with you,
Would bring such bitter scorn.