By: ShinigamiForever

The priest observes the visitor

He is young

He is handsome

He is nervous

He is silent

He is a soldier

The priest bends his head down

Continues his prayers

Keeps his attention partially on the young man

The young man

Squints his eyes at the light through the stained glass window

Fumbles with the fabric of his military uniform

Tugs the corner of his lips hesitantly into a smile

Forms silent words on his tongue

The young man wonders about the priest

Does he search for immortality?

Does he wonder about his faith?

Does he see the hearts of men?

Does he pity what he sees?

The priest

Walks up to the young man

Places a hand on his shoulder

Asks if he needs anything

The young man

Tugs at his clothing

Runs his hand through his hair

Furrows his brow


Shakes his head

The young man

Looks up

Watches the slants of light

Fall on the statue

Of Jesus

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