By: ShinigamiForever

He turns over

He leans on the side of his heart


To the heart beat

The steady rhythm

Trying to drown out the sounds in his brain

His ears ring with the noise

Of gunshots

Of explosions

Of hoarse human voices shouting for peace

Of screams

Of the continuous keening of death

The sound of heart beat

Shuts out the ringing

His body shivers

With a million quivers

Each a fear

Each a hope

In the silence

He tries to capture

One voice

Lost in a million

One dream

Lost in a thousand

One wish

Lost in many

Like trying to spot a single star

In a sea

It slips away

And he tries to hold on

But weariness demands sleep

He squeezes his eyes shut

And dreams

Or tosses

In the restful oblivion

Of darkness

In dreams

He hears one voice

The one that slips away

A single voice

Like a sliver of silver water

Sliding down the string of life

Gliding down his soul


A/N: Inspired by a doujinshi entitled "And Then There Was Silenceā€¦"