A Love That Should of Last:
A tale to tell,
Of a girl who was a man,
Of this nightly tale I tell.

Many of those born a woman,
Can tell the tale of their inequality,
That man presents to all woman.

To be born low,
And a women-girl!
This is the tale of the low.

A youth that cannot be found.
In the night and in the day,
A bar maiden cannot be found.

So this is my tale,
Of Man's rage, learning they are wrong,
The death of Athena's own chosen's tale.

A youth (that isn't) of wisdom,
Seen day in, day out,
In the hallow halls of wisdom.

Reading and writing,
Serving and washing,
This is the tales of writing.

The Tale
Caliaua was astounding,
The men of the bar surely noticed,
Grubby, rough hands found her bottom astounding.

Oh, how she wished,
Her mind to learn!
A man to be, she wished.

A night of inspiration,
A girl- shifting around clothes- a MAN!
Corvus was born, the hand of inspiration.

Light came,
Corvus learnt numbers,
Twilight came.

The darkness birthed,
Caliaua served a noble man.
The beginnings of love was birthed.

Passing of weeks, months;
Corvus was praised by wisdom's Masters,
A vile hatred grew week, months.

The strength of a hidden noble,
Brings sweet bliss to Caliaua's nights,
Honor! Love! Brings thoughts of golden circle to the noble.

Hidden are two that are one,
Corvus and Caliaua,
An evil scholar seeks the enemy one.

A noble seeks,
To ask for her love,
A gift of a ring, he seeks.

The mind that is evil,
Puts one(Corvus) and two (the bar maid),
Makes a plan of evil.

Night descends,
Two that are one,
Truth to the noble descends.

When true FIGHTS!

Good and evil meet,
Blood, death, mourning - plans.

By noble right,
The scholar is banished,
A Prince's right.

In memory,
A school for two that were one,
For love's memory.

Jeannette Rothenberger
Brit. Lit
P. 2