I was born a princess, you know? The king left early one day and din' come back. I supposed he got killed in battle and all, but he doesn't matter. The queen nursed my childhood and my flower years, me becoming drier and she becoming more stubborn. I'd fall and tell her nothing hurt and she insisted in rising my castle's walls. I let her, i dunno why. And we both lived there and warmth couldn't find its way in, nor the sounds -because she'd used "iinsulation/i," she said. She never got upset, and upset never got her.
It became somewhat disturbing how close we got within these walls. But i never had to do anything for myself, because the walls were well planted, so no matter what i'd say, i was safe. And warm, despite my not knowing it. If something from the outside wanted to hurt me, it had to ask the walls for permission, and they, in turn, the queen. iIt/i was S.O.L. anyway.
A lot of peasants shouted meaningless things all the time from the other side. Things like "ITell her about the outside!/I" or "ITell her about your inside!/I" But i din' listen to them because they were merely peasants, and peasants (especially those who are ioutside/i) never really know what they're talking about. iTell her about your inside./i That proves my point! The queen iknows/i my inside, she lives in it. Peasants. They'll never amount to anything. There's an obvious reason why there are ithem/i and why there are ius/i. So. I never told her anything.
One day, she decided to go up in smoke, and so the walls of my castle came down hard, and i found myself naked, with a myriad of strangers who knew nothing, staring at me and passing me by. And i don't know if any of them had any bitter intentions toward my nakedness (or toward me), but i felt so unprotected anyway! So i did the only thing i had sbeen taught to/s left to do: I hid behind my castle's walls.