'Children of Earth - Deconstruction' is an original work of fiction. Please do not plagarise
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Children of Earth
Cycle Three

Memory Data #3.01 - Sasha, Horrorshow.

The light came. I held tighter to Slake then I remember nothing. All I knew was that Slake was
no longer with me. I could not feel him when I stretched out for him. Fear overcame me for I
had no control over my own body and the darkness that consumed me.

I was left in the dark for what seemed like centuries. I was frightened; I had no sense of where
I was or where I was going. But I felt my body being moved. I could not speak, I could not move.
All I could do was wait.

When the light finally came, I found myself laying in a white room. I was lying on a table, and
I felt cold. Looking around was difficult; all I could see was the white ceiling and the wall at
my feet. Everything was a bright white, sterile, and harsh to my eyes. I glanced down, hoping
to see someone, but instead I screamed, or so I thought. I looked down toward my feet and I saw
my body. I had been cut open. Most of my organs lay beside me on a white table. My heart was
beating, and I could see it.

I screamed and screamed, but no one came to my aid. I screamed for Slake, but he never came. I
prayed I was dreaming, and perhaps I was for everything went dark again.

Now at this point, I cannot remember what happened to me for I was no longer Sasha at all. I was
assigned a new name and it was imprinted in my mind along with millions of other thoughts. I was
now called the Geek.


This is the Third part of a saga called Cycle Three - Deconstrucion. The quality of this work is lacking
compared to my other titles. I wrote this story a million years ago. So, compared to my other
work, this work is considered less than digestible... But please read and review, i would really
appreciate any feedback.