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Children of Earth
Cycle Three

Memory Data #3.18 - Exceprt from Braggett's Personal Log VIII

Personal Log
File 1983.32
Dr. Gregory Braggett II
Addressed to Gregory Braggett III

My son, I fear that this will be the last entry to you. I am about to go before the Parliament
to stand trial.

I foresaw all of this many weeks ago. And now I will stand before the Great Parliament and await
my sentence.

I was taken away from the humans early this morning, upon landing in the Capital. I went calmly
when the Parliament guard took me from the landing pad. I could see something in the humans'
eyes, my son. They held anger in their eyes for the first time. If only they could speak their
thoughts, my son.

I know now that many of my own friends and colleagues will be testifying against me today, but I
do not care. My life is beyond the trust of these doctors. My only concern is for you and our
family, and for the humans that I have taken into my own heart.

My son, I have attached some of the specifics of the virus in this transmission. I can only
trust you now. I am passing the secret and the curse on to you. I can only pray that someday
you will forgive me.

Time is short and this transmission could be monitored, but I pray that it is not. I love you,
my son. Take care of your mother and of our family, I fear soon that you will be the head of it

May Mahan Regon be with you always. May he save our souls and maybe spare me in death.

End File.


This is the Third part of a saga called Cycle Three - Deconstrucion. The quality of this work is lacking
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