Mockery (Kuro's Theme)

Rain on me!
Complete my torment and agony,
And fall from the sky!
Tears, come down-
Weep yourselves into the ground,
And finish this torture . . .
I call you, command you,
Fall around me;
My pitiful existence
Is no more than misery-
End it, I dare!
You can never destroy
The pitiful tatters
That call themselves joy!
So come what may!
Fall what will!
With joy, my shadow-eyes
Cannot fill;
I'd beg you to stop,
But I long for more-
With arms wide open,
I embrace death's door!
I see the black clouds,
And yet, I care not;
For nothing to lose
Have I got . . .
So destroy me!
Crush my life!
I'm mocking you, darkness-
Take away my strife!
I'm a renegade, you see,
And a depressed one, too;
So I have the insolence
To be mocking you-
Because the end is coming!
It's all I long for!
So end this torment,