Help Me

Help Me


Such a terrible thing

It strikes when most unwanted

Consuming all that I know

Until it melts into…


The seed from which all evil grows

It clouds my mind and controls my body

With deceit and petty lies

Stop it before it becomes…


So powerful and cruel

Death and agony inevitably blossom

It rots my soul and leaves behind nothing

But an empty shell of…


This indifference is a destroyer

Of friendships, love, and lives

It envelopes my mind in a blanket of uncaring

Please save me from…


Coveted by millions lost in its black clutches

Left behind to think and wonder

If life is worth living for

Change my loneliness before it leads to…


Feared by so many

Yet I view it as an escape from the endless Hell of my life

So easy to allow its cold, inviting grasp

To carry me away towards better times

Please don't let me be alone

In the dark

On my own

Where evil things, misunderstood

Lurk in wait for their next victim

Don't allow it to be me

Please, oh please, save me

Before they spark my fear

And since one thing shall lead to another

Before you know it

I'll be gone…