If Whispers Call

If Whispers Call

CE Fleming

If Whispers Call

Will you answer?

If Whispers Call

Will you reply?

To the darkness in which they come

Those Whispers, who are they from?

Evil is eternal, is that so?

What about Good, I just don't know

If Whispers Call

Do you know who their from?

If Whispers Call

Isn't this fun?

For Death comes quickly isn't that sad

For all of us die, from good or bad

Those Whispers, what are they saying?

What could those Whispers be relaying?

If Whispers Call

Will you have the courage to answer?

If Whispers Call

Will you have the courage to reply?

Only once do these Whispers come

Answer quickly, before They are done

For fortune comes once, and once alone

When it is gone, there isnt anymore

To answer the Whispers

Or to answer them not

It is your choice,

For it is your voice

If Whispers Call

It will haunt your mind

If Whispers Call

You have run out of time

****NOTE: This poem, and the previous, Hollow House, are titles of books in which I am writing these dreary works of art. I hope you enjoyed this one, (hint out there, the Whisper is the voice of Death, aka the Grim Reaper), I enjoyed writing it. The next one out will be In Fluid Silence, until then, adios. (PSST! Don't forget to…REVIEW!!!)