Dialogue between two lovers. The man is hurt and will die and the woman is comforting him. To understand: The things in brackets are her thoughts, the things out brackets what shes saying to him.

No greater love

Sleep, my love.

( I know you won't survive.)

Give in to darkness.

Give up your struggle.

You won't have to suffer anymore.

You won't feel anymore pain.

(You'll die in peace.)

I'll wake you tomorrow.

(But for you there's no tomorrow.)

You'll feel better then, stronger.

Give in to sleep, my love.

I won't leave you.

(But you'll leave me, I know.

You'll go to heaven.

There's no other place for someone like you.)

I love you.

(I'll love you forever.)

Sleep now, my love, close your eyes.

(I'll miss your loving, caring look.)

Dream of me.

(Think of me in heaven.)

You're taking your last breath,

I kiss you goodbye.

Wait for me, wait for me in heaven.