The idea for this poem came to me in the middle of the night after having watched a very sad movie on TV.

Try to find out if he dies or not!!

Way to Eternity

Warm blood on my fingers.

Warm blood on my hands.

Blood, still warm, thank you.

Wrapping my arms around him,

Holding him.

Holding on to his life, trying.

His form still, but not asleep.

Not dead yet, thank you.

Can't bear this thought.

My son, fighting, I know,

But losing to darkness, I feel.

Endless darkness, for him, for me.

No life without him, my heart.

Feeling him moving

I open my eyes, stare into his.

Clear, they are, for the first time since

Since, I don't know, maybe an eternity.

Not dull with pain, not dull with fear.

Life in them, not darkness.

My son may live.

He's watching me, trying to smile,

Squeezing my hand, "Best father, thank you".

Tears in my eyes.

Cold blood on my fingers.

Cold blood on my hands.