Vampire Ahmir
Prologue: Reawakening
Dr. Phoenix Veran, a well-renowned archaeologist, swiped a hand across her beautiful jade green eyes. "It's so hot here." She complained, though she knew that was no way she would ever have passed this opportunity up. They had uncovered an ancient tomb in Palet, the capital city of Farel. She had been called and told about it by her assistant while she was at home, resting, after another archaeological dig in Suner, another major city of Farel. She herself lived in the capital's sister city of Paner, about 5 miles west. She had jumped for joy when she had come with her team and found helpers from the capital willing to help her even though the site hadn't been claimed yet. So far, they had been working for two days, and the workers had, about an hour ago, found an entrance to the tomb. Phoenix had called lunch, and was now waiting for her assistant to come back with her sandwiches.
Looking over at the parking lot, she saw Laren's Jetta pull into the lot, and her assistant step out with a bag in hand. "Hey Laren, over here!" Phoenix jumped up and waved her hands to get his attention. Once he saw her, she sat back down contented. Laren sat down across from her and handed her her turkey on foccacia bread while tearing into her own roast beef one. "So my friend, what do you think of the dig so far? Is it all you imagined?"
"Actually Phoenix, it's more than what I would have ever imagined. I can't believe we were so fortunate to get this dig to ourselves."
"Yeah, it is pretty rare that we get it on our own without help from at least another archaeology company." They fell silent, each contemplating their luck.

Lunch had finished about ten minutes ago, and Phoenix was back at the entrance of the tomb looking for an entrance device of some kind. Pushing on a particularly odd piece of wall, she jumped back in surprise when it swung open. Grabbing her high-powered light, she swept through the sandstone arch and made her way through winding tunnels. Somehow, though she paid no attention to it at the time, she knew exactly where she was going and soon found herself in what she believed was the main chamber. "Amazing, the level of detail in here is extraordinary. I'd love to find what dynasty this is from." Sweeping her gaze around the room, her pale eyes fell upon an Egyptian-style sarcophagus. Running over to it, she ran her hand across the cover, admiring the pale violet-eyed, dark red-haired man painted on the cover. She was thinking about how much the carvings looked like the same design as those in Suner when she yanked her hand back. "Ouch, sh**! What was that?" Phoenix saw the dull gleam of a blade sticking out of the top and cursed. However, her anger soon faded to horror as the blood from her left hand slowly sunk into the stone and the sarcophagus started to glow an eerie crimson color. Slowly, Phoenix backed up, the glow increasing until Phoenix had to cover her eyes to keep from being blinded. Reflexively, she turned away and waited until she could no longer see the light through her eyelids.
Opening her eyes slowly, the first thing she noticed was that the cover of the sarcophagus was shattered on the ground and that there were two legs standing in front of her. Scared the someone had snuck in here with her, she hurriedly backed up until her back hit the wall and looked up at her assailant only to find that the man standing in front of her looked exactly like the one whose picture had been painted on the now shattered cover. Pale violet eyes, dark red hair, and pale, almost white skin all contrasted drastically. Phoenix voice deserted her and she watched helplessly as the man advanced on her. She was greatly surprised, therefore, when the being knelt before her while grabbing her hand, and kissed her hand. "What?"
"Princess, I've waited over three centuries to find you again. Now that I have, I'll never allow anyone to harm you again."
"What are you talking about?"
"You are Phoenix Sun-Dragon III, first-born and only heir to the Dragon Queen who ruled three centuries ago. And I am your vampire guardian, Ahmir. Your mother bade me to watch over you even in death. And I have waited for these centuries. I know you are the one since only the princess' handprint could have opened the arch, and only you could have activated the blood blade."
"So that's what that was! Well, how does that prove anything?"
"You need more proof, my princess? Well then, here." Moving in a blur that she couldn't see, Phoenix felt the fangs she hadn't unconsciously seen puncture her skin, and felt this man, her supposed guardian, grab her hand and hold it over the puncture wound. A warmth filled her veins as a multicolored flame aura flared up around her body and her eyes turned chaotic, switching colors every few seconds.
"What, what's happening?" Slowly her left hand stretched out of its own accord, miraculously she noted, healed, and a ball of the ever changing flame-colored light gathered in her palm and elongated. The light then materialized into a staff. The long staff had two foot-long platinum caps on either end, both of which were covered by a winding dragon each, the scales of which were made of the rubies, yellow diamonds, carnelians, amethysts, and emeralds, all representing the varying colors in a fire. The middle piece was a giant jade dragon that wrapped around the length of the gold staff, it's eyes made of a dark green emerald. Curiously drawn to the eyes, she touched them and almost dropped the staff in surprise when the platinum caps retracted, revealing two ghostly silver blades.
"Those blades are double-edged, princess, and can cut through anything with their core of platinum."
"Alright, so maybe I believe you. But how do I walk out of here with you and this staff without looking conspicuous? I mean, my car, call it a chariot if you like, is in the parking lot."
"Simple, it's probably about evening now, so I can use my demonic speed to get to this car of yours and you can vanish the staff the same way you called it, by willing the magic to break apart. Tell me, Princess Phoenix, this chariot, what does it look like?"
"It's a purple Jetta, but you know, I'm staying with my assitant, and he's bound to want to know who you are."
"Well, I'll tell him then who I am, if he asks. This man, he is a friend."
"Yes, his name's Laren, Laren Luveris."
"Well, then my lady, let us go."
Phoenix willed the magic to dissipate, and when she felt for the punctures, she found they had healed too. Following the same way back to the entrance, she exited with Ahmir close behind.