Lying there,
My body in pieces,
I look at the man who did this to me,
And all I saw was a bleakness that was me.

I was such a prize to you, wasn't I?
So unintanable, but so good to you once inside.
With a fake ID you bought me in a case,
With your friends you quickly made us waste.

"Oh I'm fine" you thought in your daze,
I knew you downed 4 cans of beer.
You refused to believe you weren't a hazard I hear.

Getting in the car,
Your friends close behind,
You take me along,
And I already saw your demise.

Speeding down the highway,
I knew this was going to go my way.
My toxins had already clouded your brain,
You were now pure drunk and couldn't see in the rain.

Suddenly, without fail,
The lights came up,
You skidded to the right,
But you couldn't stop.

It flew down the ridge,
In a terrible crash,
My body breaks open,
My deadly poisons leak out.

You lie at the bottom of the cliff,
The stench of death in the air,
You already know,
The ones you care about are there.
They all had to be dead,
You the only one alive,
How long would that last?
You already were too badly broken,
To care at that point.

Why were you so dumb to do it?
You ruined so many lives going through it.
If you do live, which I doubt,
There won't be a way out of jail with that route.
But chances of living are slim to none,
I see your blood spilling all over.

Now your family will have to carry the burden of death,
How selfish can you ever get?
You were on your way to a college life,
Why did you waste it on this wretched night?

This story is one that is all too true,
Too many people drink and drive way too soon,
I kill millions of people each day,
And it ain't my fault, no,
It's the person's instead.

It was not I who decided to drink and drive,
Nor did I ever decide to let people die.
So before you drink and drive,
Remember how many lives you put on the line.