Stars sparkle in the dark night sky , they rain down on the earth like sparkling tears , they are the tears of sweet inocent angels falling down from the heavens .

Vega the sweet angel floats among the stars in a intergalatic voyge , time never ends here but always keeps on going , but Vega can never keep on going .

One day she will grow old and die just like any other star , all of them grow old evenfully even alpha centauri , Every star is diffrent like a person .

Each star is a new human , a new creature , a new death , but what if death never came what if we lived forever like time , would we grow old and sickly or just always be young and ingronant .

Would time end does it even end , what happens when we die , will we know all the answers , or just keep on living , will the earth ever die , when is it my turn to cry .

When is it my turn to to know the answers , when is it my turn to live , when will the sun rise with the stars , when will the sea sing .

When will Vega end her journey , when will I sleep , when is time over , when does the tears come , who will die next , what will brotherhood bring us .

Will Vega tell us the answers , will she weep , what shall happen to poor sweet inocent Vega , will she cry , will she sing , what shall she do float in a never ending time , Poor sweet inocent Vega .