In Fluid Silence

In Fluid Silence

CE Fleming

The glass on the countertop always has a story to tell

A history to recall, or a tale lost for many a millennia

Inside that glass resides a portion of life, we often over look,

For it speaks not our language, but that of fluid silence

We ask ourselves, "how can it speak, not only in fluid, but in silence?"

The answer is one I do not have, for it has been that way for many a year.

All I know is when the glass speaks; we should listen, and listen well.

The Tale it may tell might just be about you, or about me.

The fluid silence can tell us of great joy,

Or it may tell of great strife, or even sorrow, residing in life.

In Fluid Silence may determine our fate,

Or may tell us nothing at all, should the silence say

For only a man, or a willing man, hear what that glass has to say

For fluid silence is the most horrifying thing the mind can perceive

Whether it is our deepest fear, or our darkest regret

Or is it the other way around? I do not know.

In Fluid Silence beckons us on, makes us go on

The human mind is a curious thing, like a cat with a ball of string

For many a millennia it has spoken, or is that just because it has been here

The whole thing is utterly confusing, or am I just losing it?

The Fluid Silence is everywhere, it moves now beyond the glass grave

Reality bends, disorients itself, then shatters like the glass when it strikes.

The shards scatter, and fly into nothingness, only to reemerge again

As it will always most likely do, for it is in your soul too.

In Fluid Silence is all around us, remember, you cannot deceive it

For it is all, it knows all, and shares with us death, life, and knowledge

Fluid Silence is beyond all reasoning, as is all things to man

For the Fluid Silence comes, and has always for many a year

-The ravings of the madman "Stiltskin" on the entity known as "Fluid Silence"

Authors Note: I myself am still baffled at what I wrote. I guess I was absently typing words this way and that, but it doesn't make sense, does it? Well, I hope you can draw your own meaning from this, for I know I still am trying. Please, be as mean as you need to be, thank you and good-night. (I know I need this sleep...)

-CE Fleming