You Blew It
By: Jerseygirl.

How dare you.
I cant believe you.
You had many chances.
But you blew it.

We gave you signs.
We gave you time.
You had your chance.
But you screw it.

You call us up,
We're going out.
And you call us back;
You couldn't make it.

You were gone.
For very long.
For ten months.
You didn't call.

On 9/11.
In the city.
You didn't call;
You could be dead man.

Know what's sad?
You were a dad.
Time rolled by.
You're a statistic.

I can't go on.
I have to move on.
Cant call you dad, 'cause;
You blew it.

AUTHORS NOTE: HI! This was my first angst poem. You know what, after typing/writing this I feel somewhat better now. Anyway, What I meant by "statistic" is that my dad is now in that category where he doesn't take his responsibilities as a father any more. That's what I meant by "statistics". So did you like it or did it suck?

Jerseygirl :)