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Sitting alone

Feeling all this pain

Recalling the words

Those stinging tears coming on

It's inevitable

That fire burned out

You don't want to admit it

Neither do I

I still love you

From the bottom of my heart

But now it's lost all meaning

Nothing but a jumble of letters and sounds

Those words ripped me apart

I felt shaken, disturbed

Every time I hear your name I want to scream

To hug you

To kiss you again

But it's not like that anymore

It's not the same

It'll never be like that

Maybe we'll be friends

Maybe we'll be okay

To move on is what you feel

I don't want to

As a child would want to stay with his bear

I hoped to say and hold cherish

That if I had to hug you goodbye I'd never let go

But now it seems that I have to let go

That I have to move on

I still love you

You'll always be a part of me

But now we have to say goodbye

And I'll always keep you in my heart

The way we used to be

Since we're changing

Moving on

You don't need me anymore

But only one problem

I still need you

Parting is hard

Everything now is

But I hope that you'll always think of me

Even years from now

Now that it's over

I want to thank you for what we had

What you gave me,

I'll never be able to repay you

For those times we spent together

For those laughs we had

For those intimate moments

You'll always have a part of me with you

I'll hug you one last time

I'll kiss you one last time

And then I'll say goodbye…