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I heard that click;

The end of the line

The end of the road

Seems to be

That we have to leave each other

That we weren't meant to be

But I guess it's over

I never wanted to leave you

I wanted to hold on

Now we're just friends

Just buddies

I wished we could see another day

To hold you in my arms and smile

If we were meant to be together

We would have resolved this

I'm angry


That we let this little thing stop us

Maybe we weren't meant to be

Or were we

I'm left alone again

Never to see you in that way

Maybe I want to, but I guess you won't

I don't want to leave you

But I know it's gotta happen

Leaving you,

Letting you go

I only have these memories

Those times of remembering your kiss

The way you tasted to me

Never will it be the same

Smiling that fake smile

I'm jealous now

That some other guy will steal your heart

Away from me

It hurts to think about it

But it has to happen eventually

Being friends

Won't ever be the same

I won't be able to hug you

To kiss you in that way

But I hope that someday

You find that 'Prince charming'

That one man will help you be who you want to be

The best man you've always wanted to be with

Who could fulfill everything you wanted

Now that my only ray of light is gone

I'm here in the dark

I still love you

I still hold it the same

You, I'm not sure

But we'll have a part of each other

Please don't forget me

And be happy, in the sun

While I'm standing in the cold,

Alone in the dark